Monday, September 16, 2013

Episode 122--Kicking from the start and an interview with Eric Velhagen.

This episode opens with an interview with artist, Eric Velhagen, taken at LAST year's Illuxcon ( Jeremy's been busy).
It is followed up by Ninjas Kieran Yanner, Socar Myles, Patrick McEvoy, and Jeremy McHugh with discussion about Kickstarter.
The departure of The World of Warcraft CCG and what it might mean to many working freelancers.
We also learn about Mr GnarlyPouch and why he doesn't like you...

I mentioned on facebook that we were in the midst of recording this episode and the following Ninja Listeners kindly voiced their approval. I happened to look at the post during the show and made mention of these artists:

Apologies to those that did not happen to chime in on facebook during the recording! You all rock!
We also make special shout-out to our friends at Sidebar Nation. Give that show your ears, folks!
Check out Krab Jab Studio while you're out there in the internet wilds or stop by Atelier Coffee Company for a steaming cup of kick-ass!
Learn more about Eric Velhagen and his work at his studio website. :)


Shaun Patterson said...

WOW TCG is pretty much being rplaced by Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

It is also card based, but completely online and incorporating animations and all sorts of things that they couldn't do in an analogue game.

I would imagine that they would still employ a number of freelancers for these card images, although their in house illustrators are insanely talented as well.

I love all the self publishing talk this month. I have done a number of books with traditional publishing companies and am now venturing into self publishing. It has its own unique set of challenges and rewards for sure.

Patrick McEvoy said...

Thanks Shaun. Good knowledge about the new Heartstone game. I'm sure everyone will be interested to hear about that.

Glad you enjoyed the self-publishing discussion. Kickstarter worked out great for me - I think if you mount a good campaign it can be a real winner. I'm actually making money at comics now! Who'd'a thunk it?